Telecom, Wireless and Data Cost Management Services


Reduced Outlay
When we manage your telecom services, you’ll stop paying redundant charges and pay only for those services that positively impact your operation. Each month, TMG will scrutinize every invoice “line by line” to ensure accuracy of all your telecom bills, company-wide.

Reduced Overhead
When you work with TMG, you’ll eliminate hassling with multiple carriers and trying to keep track of all the changes that affect your billings. TMG handles all your Adds, Moves and Changes in addition to paying your bills and managing all billing related issues. Additionally, your office managers and IT personnel will be freed to do what they do best.

Monthly Documentation
No more searching through piles of bills to find the information you want, TMG will deliver a monthly “single page” of summarized, detailed information with all communication charges in a customized format designed just for your business.

Manage all changes
• First point of contact for all changes -
  all locations - all services.
• Accurately reconcile billing changes to
  reflect all physical changes.
• Contract management ensuring the
   “deal” is good for you.
• Monthly billing review and verify
   ongoing billing accuracy.

Manage all billing issues
• Identify, eliminate and prevent
  overcharges through monthly billing
• Reconcile all billing discrepancies.
• Obtain from carriers, on your behalf, all
   applicable overcharges.
• Timely payment of all invoices.

Deliver monthly billing summary
• Aggregate entire company expenses
   into a summarized “Management
   Overview” document.
• Deliver to each location a monthly “one-
   page” report of all itemized expenses.
• Customize all data according to client
   accounting requirements.
• Maintain storage for all original provider
   billings and deliver copies to client
   as requested.
Enhance carrier relationships
• Define acceptable levels of service and
   outline remedies for non-compliance.
• Act as first point of escalation in the
  event that provider responses fall below
  acceptable levels.
• Increase motivation for responsiveness
   from your carriers.
• Protect client consumer rights.

Preserve competitive pricing and services
• Maintain “best price” for life.
• Single source reference for current
   technology and resources.

TMG for Office Managers
If you’re an office manager, TMG will help you source the right mix of phone, data and wireless services at the best possible prices. They’ll also help you with Adds, Moves and Changes to maintain optimum service in time of change. TMG will also manage your telecom vendor bill paying. At the end of the month, you’ll get a full report detailing telecom activity and telecom vendor payments. What does it mean to you? More replica watches attention to your customers, your employees and your operation.

If that sounds like a good use of your time, click here to Get Started!
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