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When you get started with TMG, you’ll gain a global telecom cost and services management partner. You’ll stop wasting money and time managing individual transactions, service categories and vendors. Click here to download your letter of agency Word document (see details below).

Letter Of Agency & Proposal
To get going, we’ll ask you for a letter of agency printed on your company letterhead, signed by an authorized company officer. TMG will then collect, compile, analyze and detail necessary information for a comprehensive telecom services status report and proposal/scope of work for your review. The proposal will include projected savings and TMG’s fees (based on a percentage of the money you save). The net result of working with TMG will always be a net reduction of your company-wide telecom cost…always!
Company & Vendor Contact Information:

In order to generate a telecom services management proposal/scope of work, we’ll need you to provide us with the following information:

Category #1.
Current service providers and account numbers

Category #2.
Company locations contact info

Category #3.
Accounts payable staff contact info

Category #4.
In-house IT AND outside vendor IT/telephony support contact info.
TO: Communication Service Providers:

Please accept this letter as our authorization to release information regarding our service with you to Telecom Mangers Group (TMG) Salem, Oregon solely for the purpose of gathering information. This letter does not authorize TMG to make any changes of any kind to our services and expires 6 months from the date below.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated,

Principal Name:____________________

TMG for AP Managers
“The number and complexity of our communications bills was overwhelming...” “After a while we just paid the bills because of the tremendous time involved in disputing or understanding our user watch charges.” We hear these kinds of comments all to often in our conversations with accounts payable personnel. When you work with TMG, we’ll fight the fights for you. We’ll make sure you’re paying for only the best and most efficient communication services available. When you work with TMG, the only time you’ll spend on telecom vendor payments is the few minutes it takes to review our monthly activity and payment reports.

If that sounds like a reasonalbe proposition, click here to Get Started!

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