Frequently Asked Questions


How will I know my bills are being paid?
Who we paid, how much and when we paid your carriers is accessible 24 hours a day, at your convenience, through our banking institution's secure website. It's safe, it's easy and it's fast.

What communications provider's bills can you pay for me?
Any provider of communication service including wireless, data, local, long distance and internet.

What if I want more information each month?
Your original provider billings are always available to you.
How much does this service cost?
A percentage of your savings. TMG is a performance based company delivering a net result of lower company wide telecom costs - always.
What happens if we decide to cancel service with TMG?
Simply the reverse of how we got started. You will begin paying your invoices and we will promptly refund any balance you may have in your client trust account.

TMG for CFOs
If you’re a CFO or comptroller for a large, multi-office operation, you know how hidden costs and inefficiencies can cannibalize your bottom line. Working with TMG, you’ll know your company is getting exactly the right telecom service company-wide, at the lowest possible cost — for the lifetime of your relationship with TMG. TMG’s monthly reporting provides you with continuous company-wide cost for trending and forecasting.

Click here if you'd like like to learn more about our aggregate buying power and company-wide data management program.
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