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Sudden Service
When you contact us, we’ll be happy to discuss with you our full range of services and how they can greatly increase your company-wide telecom efficiency. These are just a few of the unique services we might discuss in greater detail:

1) Corporate cell phone/wireless data plan allowing aggregation of all
phones (regardless of physical location within the US) into a single "unified" pool with no contracts. The result: Significant savings and unheard of plan flexibility.

2) Toll free service with no monthly fee and flat rate of 3.9 cents a minute.

3) Nationwide local dial tone plans aggregating all services (regardless of
carrier) into a unified TMG managed plan.

4) Aggregate buying power across your enterprise for all services.

503.391.6777 tel
503.391.4736 fax

1188 Liberty Circle South
Salem, Oregon 97302


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TMG for IT Managers
“We have phones and computers in over 35 offices to keep up and running; that's our expertise,user watch not analyzing phone bills or interpreting telecom contracts.” At TMG, we’re the dedicated ally of IT managers who need a single qualified source for service Adds, Moves and Changes. We understand IT technology AND the telecom sales and service landscape. When an IT professional asks us to source the bandwidth he or she needs, it gets done quickly, efficiently and at a fair price.

If you're an IT manager, and you'd like to get out of the telecom two-step, click here to Get Started!

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