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We serve leading Northwest companies with multiple offices. Our customers often need a broad mix of wireless, data, local, long distance and internet services. Invariably this constitutes multiple vendors. Our typical customer often sees telecom costs as an “office-to-office” cost of doing business and lacks the global perspective and in-house resources to take control of their company-wide telecom expenditures.
Client Control:

We empower our clients with a global understanding of their telecom costs, services and value. We alleviate office and IT managers from the onus of making decisions they might not be qualified to make and we leverage our knowledge and aggregate buying power to the greatest benefit to our client. We simply manage your vendor costs and the quality of their service.

AmeriTitle (27% Savings)
“Since 2002, we have allowed TMG to do what they do best so we can focus on what we do best. We save money and have come to rely on TMG to manage (what used to be the growing headache) of our communications services, billings and ongoing changes. We have saved considerably over the years as well as achieved peace of mind knowing TMG is there for us.”

Linda Stelle, President

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