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Industry Knowledge:

The principals of TMG have worked as telecom company managers and engineers for decades. Their knowledge of telecom business practices, contractual subtleties and the regulatory environment provides TMG clients with considerable insider telecom knowledge — knowledge that is brought to bear to the benefit of TMG customers daily.
Technical Sophistication:

Our technical sophistication provides our clients with a single source reference for all telecom technologies and resources. Whether your company is looking to add a single phone line, establish a data network or improve your company’s cellular plan, TMG will procure the most appropriate and cost effective solution and maintain that “best price” for life.
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Our Mission:

To manage our clients Communications services better than they can themselves, ensuring that they will spend significantly less money and time, significantly decreased risk and substantially increase service flexibility.

Global Cost Management
“We free your managers and IT personnell from the time overhead associated with contracts and bill paying, as well as adds, moves and changes. We ensure the most appropriate services for each individual, office and location while maintaining optimum cost and vendor performance.”

Clay Allen, President
Telecom Managers Group

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